About us

Seyed Mahdi Nezhand, born in 1966, became acquainted with the world of martial arts in 1975 and tried to be one of the bests in sports. He had a heartfelt desire to show his abilities. He first started with the martial sport of kung fu, a sport he had always loved; after a while he turned to karate. Indeed it’s worth mentioning that the Grand master Mahdi Nazhand practiced karate and kung fu in two different gyms in a day.

He then became acquainted with the sport of taekwondo. At that time, the system of this martial sport was called Hiang.

In 1989, he became acquainted with the martial art of Kuk Sool and practiced this sport for a while. Under the supervision of his master, he began to learn the new method of self-defense. This art gradually positioned him at the peak of this sport very soon, and his achievement attracted the attention of great masters. At that time, there was only one Hapkidow method and there was no trace of other ones. In the 1990s, the first trip of Master Mahdi Nazhand to South Korea was arranged by Mr. Valinezhad; it was the first major step towards the achievement of long-term goals.

Seyed Mahdi Nazhand met the Grand Master Lee Chang Soo and started his training with the Great Master for a few months. With the start of hard and arduous Hapkido trainings, such as going to the mountains, plains and forests, doing outdoor trainings by the sea, carrying large and small pieces of tree trunks, fighting high-ranking Hapkidow trainers, learning small sword and stick fights all and all indicated the growth of Seyed Mahdi Nezhand in this martial art. After returning to Iran, he held his first large seminar with the presence of one hundred black belts, among whom some of the current Masters were also present, and exhibited his experience of several months.

Gradually, the martial art of Hapkidow was established in Iran and Master Nazhand traveled to small and large countries every year to learn various techniques, until in 1999, he requested that the martial art of Hapkidow be included in the Sports Organization and the Karate Federation; an art that was undoubtedly one of the most valuable martial arts in the world.

Now, with good experience and high efficiency, Master Mahdi Nazhand has become able to recognize the martial art of Hapkidow as a genuine martial art in Canada; besides, he established the first large Hapkidow organization in the heart of Canada.

We hope to see the growth and flourishing of this martial art in far and near countries as soon as possible.

Titles of Master Seyed Mahdi Nazhand:

  1. President of Hapkidow Union ‌
  2. President of Sin Mo Hapkidow Association
  3. President of Hapkidow Professional Association
  4. President of GHF Federation
  5. President of the Hapki Yusul World Federation
  6. Member of the technical committee of the World Hapkidow Federation
  7. President of Momen Kwon Association of South Korea.
  8. President and Founder of Hapkidow GHF in Canada
  9. Professor at York University in Canada, teaching Hapkidow and pathology

Championship titles

  1. 10 championships of the country’s clubs
  2. Several Hapkidow National Championships
  3. Champion of international competitions for two seasons
  4. Champion of the Asian Championships in Baku
  5. Champion of the World TAFISA Championship in South Korea in Busan
  6. Champion of South Korea Championship at the World Hapkidow Federation
  7. Champion of the Hapkidow World Championships in Canada for several seasons